EIB - Construction and installation of a co-combustion cogeneration power plant


Alteo Energy Limited (hereinafter referred to as “the Promoter”) has applied for a loan from the European Investment Bank — EIB (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) — to finance the construction and installation of a co-combustion cogeneration power plant in Mauritius. This International Invitation for pre-qualification relates to the turnkey contract for the balance of plant equipment.

This plant will consist of two 82 Bar (abs) 530oC chain grate spreader stoker boilers (to be supplied by other companies) capable of firing coal and biomass in various combinations. Each boiler shall be able to supply 160 tons per hour of steam on biomass and coal firing at MCR. Such plant shall include mechanical de-dusting plant, electrostatic precipitator (“ESP”) as well as gas treatment (deNOx) to meet Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions of 200mg/Nm3 (6 % O2 dry basis), feedwater pumps. The turbines shall consist of a 2 x 35MW condensing extraction turbines (to be supplied by others) and a Flue Gas desulphurisation plant (to be supplied by others) to main the Sulphur Dioxide SOx < 200 mg/Nm3.

This contract will include:

— Turnkey for the balance of plant equipment such as fuels handling system, Electrical control and instrumentation, Cooling system, Stacks, Civil works, Ash handling system, Water treatment plant, all Piping and valves, Pneumatic system, HV Yard and transmission line, integration of the balance of plant to the boiler, turbine, feed pumps, high pressure parts and Flue gas treatment,

— The supply shall include all erection, piping, electrical motors, valves and actuators, etc. in order to be able to operate the plant in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

This contract is expected to be implemented from January 2019 to December 2020.

Firms are to note that the promoter will be following the procurement guidelines as prepared and amended by the European Investment Bank (“Guide to Procurement for Projects Financed by the EIB”).

The procurement stages will proceed as follows:

1. International Invitation for pre-qualification: firms will need to send expressions of interests to the promoter in order to be included in the procurement process. Firms having expressed interest will receive pre-qualification documents to which they will need to respond in order for the promoter to assess their qualifications.

2. Request for proposals (“RFP”): qualified firms will be issued an RFP and will need to submit their technical and commercial proposals which will be evaluated by the promoter as per the criteria listed hereafter. Qualified firms should be aware of the fact that they will be requested to submit a bid bond of a value of EUR 10 000 with their proposals.

The criteria to be used in the pre-qualification evaluation are, in decreasing order of importance:

Nº: 1

Criteria: Ability to execute these works based upon previous experience on similar works or projects.

Nº: 2

Criteria: Evidence sufficient financial resources to complete the project or delivery of service.

Nº: 3

Criteria: Evidence of credible and managerial and technical resources.

Nº: 4

Criteria: Offer an accredited Quality Assurance and Control system.

Nº: 5

Criteria: Show a world class occupational health and safety record.

For the management of the procurement processes described here above, the promoter is represented by First Tech-Thabile Engineering, whose contact details are provided hereafter.

Interested tenderers may obtain further information as well as the Pre-Qualification documents at:

First Tech-Thabile Engineering

198 Josiah Gumede Road,

Cowies Hill,




South Africa

Telephone: +27 31 701 4015

Fax no: +27 31 701 0965

Attention Dr Cliff Lewis (admin@thabile.co.za)

All firms are invited to participate in the Pre-Qualification process.

All pre-qualification applications must be submitted both as electronic (CD, etc.) and hard copies by post in closed envelopes bearing the mention “construction and installation of a co-combustion cogeneration power plant in Mauritius: pre-qualification for the supply of the balance of plant equipment” no later than Friday, 30.3.2018 at 4.00 p.m. CET at the following address:

First Tech-Thabile Engineering, 198 Josiah Gumede Road, Cowies Hill, Pinetown, 3610 Durban, SOUTH AFRICA, Telephone: +27 31 701 4015, Fax no: +27 31 701 0965, Attention Dr. Cliff Lewis (Cliff.Lewis@thabile.co.za)

The applications will be opened immediately in the presence of tenderers’ representatives who choose to attend.